Sonoma Pacific

Your Gateway To The Emerald Triangle

With cannabis on the global stage, it is more important now than ever to remember where this started and honor the traditions that were made over handshakes on dirt roads. 

Our mission at Sonoma Pacific Distribution is to build community by supporting local businesses and showcasing a portfolio of the conscious cannabis products, brands and cultivators of California. We are a branded distribution platform proudly providing bulk sourcing, sales, logistics, fulfillment and brand activation statewide. 

At Sonoma Pacific our moto is simple; always take the high road.

WHY CHOOSE US?​ | Sonoma Pacific

Strong Sourcing Partnerships

Our sourcing goes beyond just finding the best prices. If our relationships are meant to last, it’s in our best interest to make sure our cultivator's operations are running smoothly.

Here Since The Beginning

Sonoma Pacific started as a legal entity in 2015, but we've been here for much longer, helping farmers and dealers keep the world at ease.

Economically Friendly

Most of our products are packaged in recycled Ocean-plastic containers. In the next few years, our goal is to not have our name on anything that isn't helping the planet.

The Power To Say 'No'

We don't just grab any flower that comes in our direction. If it's not the best flower in town, you won't see our name on it.

Please contact us with any questions or for a custom quote for your specific needs.

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