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New Feels, New Packaging, New Look

Sonoma Pacific gets a facelift, new packaging and expresses a new lease on life!

Sonoma Pacific has always been a stripped down, no frills services company. Since the first day our permits were issued we were Making it work. The experience has shown us what really stands out about our company, and we’ve decided to lean into that even more.

New soft-touch economy pouches

Hall of Flowers (2019) – Outdoor Setup

A pre-roll tube made entirely of reclaimed Ocean-Plastic</p>

In an effort to further solidify our spot in this ever changing market, we’ve decided to strip it all back and start fresh with a new and excited outlook on the industry. Available in 2020, 90% of our packaging will be made entirely of post consumer recycled waste. This is what matters to us.

to learn more, please visit our Sustainability and Sourcing pages

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