Our full flower pre-rolls are the best value we offer. Enjoy a perfectly roll, hand sifted joint at a fraction of the cost. All pre-rolls come house in an ocean-plastic tube.


Ocean-Plastic Container

Hand Sifted

Each Batch Tested

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Our pre-rolls are made with full flower. We hand sift our ground buds through a specific set of screens to ensure the finest end product.

Rolled On-Site

Sifted To Perfection

Packed In-House

Our pre-rolls are measured perfectly for each roll. The consistency of each part of the pre-roll has been dialed in with the help of the HighRize R&D team.

Whole Flower

Ocean-Plastic Pre-roll Tubes

All of our full flower pre-rolls come house in a tube made entirely of 100% reclaimed ocean-plastic. We are proud to have chosen to work with Sana and Oceansmade on this effort to create an entire line of eco-friendly packaging solutions.