Northern California cannabis flower is widely known for its great quality and taste. We curate a menu of appelation specific flower from a close network of farms within the emerald triangle, to bring the NorCal cannabis experience to your customers. Fully tested to the highest standards, we have the best professionally grown cannabis flower in the world.

Packaged Flower | Sonoma Pacific


Glass Jars

We’re trying to do glass the right way; with post-consumer recycled material. By 2021, our glass jars will be made of 85% post-consumer recycled glass and our lids will be made of recycled ocean-plastic.


Mylar Pouches

These heat sealed pouches keep out light and oxygen, preserving the integrity of the flower.

Prerolls | Sonoma Pacific

Artisanal PreRolls

Our preroll capabilities are industry-leading. Beginning with our material preparation, we separate and sift cannabis flower with specialized equipment to carefully remove all stems and unwanted material without grinding it. Once the desired consistency is achieved, we balance moisture content to guarantee a perfectly even burn and pleasant consumer experience every time. We are proudly offering premium flower prerolls or infused with an added 15% of our in-house hashish.

Honey Sticks

A preroll like no other, our Honey Sticks are the best of the best. Premium flower infused with our in house hashish, then dipped in our rosin and finally coated in two more layers of hashish. Carefully rolled to ensure a slow, even burn. These prerolls are engineered to provide a smooth, consistent smoke, with a high potency experience.

Sustainable Packaging | Sana Packaging

All of our prerolls come packaged in 100% reclaimed ocean-plastic.
We proudly work with Sana and Oceans works to develop eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Please reach out to us with your license number and we'll be in touch with our current menu.

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