Over 8 million metric tons of plastic enter our oceans annually. As a cannabis company, we feel a responsibility to address this global crisis. Sonoma Pacific is proud to partner with Sana Packaging & Oceansmade™ to support our goal in utilizing reclaimed ocean plastic packaging.

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Help More, Harm Less

Packaging Pledge

We’re making a noticeable effort to utilize more economically conscious resources, by paying more for packaging that helps the environment rather than hurts.

Post-Consumer Recycled Jars

We’re trying to do glass the right way; with post-consumer recycled material. By mid-2020, our glass jars will be made of 85% post-consumer recycled glass, the average for glass containers being just 34%. To top it all off, our lids will be made of 100% recycled ocean-plastic.

Ocean-Plastic Pre-roll Tubes

All of our full flower pre-rolls come house in a tube made entirely of 100% reclaimed ocean-plastic. We are proud to have chosen to work with Sana and Oceansmade on this effort to create an entire line of eco-friendly packaging solutions.

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